Mommy and Becksie days

You: You love to feed yourself and would be happy eating all day long. Dancing is your favorite but only to some good rap music. You enjoyed your first walk around the neighborhood this month with out the stroller. Your an earlier riser (zzzz 530am) You miss your daddy dearly during the week. You can reach all the things. Any time you reach high looking for something on your tippy toes my heart melts. 

Me: Setting up some new photography sessions for February. Dreaming up "Our Ramona" and a small hand lettering project.

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Who run the world? GIRLS

Beautiful Olivia Joy. 

I have known sweet Olivia's parents for about 4 years now. Its been such a joy to watch their love grow. Hearing the news of their baby girl on the way was beyond exciting! Knowing other amazing people raising littles of this world gives you so much hope for the future. I have no doubt Miss Olivia is going to take on the world with an endearing heart and bold actions just like her mama. Olivia's parents are head over heels inlove with her. She has no idea yet but she is one blessed little lady and will probably have the best kicks around for years to come! (her daddy works at nike and her game is already on point!)

Below are some beautiful stills from a lifestyle shoot just a few weeks after her arrival. 

Beautiful. Raw. Simple. 

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Snow day projects

Snow days are awesome. However they sometimes leave you trapped when you only have one car to safety drive in the snow. We took advantage of some projects we had on our create list during last weeks winter storm.

This little space has never been Ts favorite. A poster I had been eyeing for a while at IKEA was on clearance for $3.50 so I quickly snagged it and was so excited to hang it in our home. It's been 4 years and something new would be fun. I would love 9- 11x14 white frames to display our countless monthly pictures but we are on a very strick budget these days and little extras just aren't in our  near future. So it's time to get creative. Switch some art work around. Collect some greens, and start creating .

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City blocks

2015 was a baby boom in my family. 5 babies born with in 3 months of each other. 2 busy boys, 2 chill boys and 1 beautiful baby girl. We are coming up on the first 3 littles turning one! A few months ago troy and I were trying to think up something fun to make for our sons first birthday. You can have all the toys in the world but we wanted something that would last and something he would love... preferably that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Beckett's birthday gifts consisted of a box of diapers and a $5 Ybike we got on cragslist (WIN). I am a gift giver at heart and I love the whole process. Whether its dreaming something up to make or searching for the perfect item to purchase.  These blocks were the perfect keep sake to add. We were missing that piece that held the heart of his gift, and I love that he will have and play with these for years to come.

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