Snow day projects

Snow days are awesome. However they sometimes leave you trapped when you only have one car to safety drive in the snow. We took advantage of some projects we had on our create list during last weeks winter storm.

This little space has never been Ts favorite. A poster I had been eyeing for a while at IKEA was on clearance for $3.50 so I quickly snagged it and was so excited to hang it in our home. It's been 4 years and something new would be fun. I would love 9- 11x14 white frames to display our countless monthly pictures but we are on a very strick budget these days and little extras just aren't in our  near future. So it's time to get creative. Switch some art work around. Collect some greens, and start creating .

These green bundles from new seasons are my current favorite . Don't get me wrong, I am a sucker for flowers and wish I could buy fresh bouquets every few weeks but these greens are a great compromise. They are beautiful, dry perfectly and last about 6 months! Some I have kept around a year plus. They lose their vibrant color but the foliage remains beautiful.  The baby blue eucalyptus drys the best. (and smells amazing) Did I mention they are only $5! WIN

Along with these greens I clipped some pieces off my Christmas garland before putting it in the yard debris bin.

I decided I would use some of the birch branches I collected to hang greenery on, but any branch will work for this project.

This is all you will need to create these wall hangs and wreaths.

  • Gold Metal Ring, 14-Inch (any size will work, amazon is were I purchased mine from a while ago)
  • Greenery
  • Twigs/branches
  • Thread (I used white)
  • Scissors

Tip: My sister in law once shared with me embroidery hoops work well. Plus you get two wreaths for the price of one since they separate. I just loved the gold hoops and had it on hand in my craft box. Use what you have first right ;)


For the wreaths tie the foliage to the metal ring and wrap it around. Each piece was tied in two spots. The Eucalyptus was overlaid in a few spots to create depth.

Wall Hangs:

  • For the wall hangs place the branch on a flat surface.
  • Decide what order you want your greenery to hang
  • Next tie thread around twigs, attach to branch at your desired length
  • Each thread piece was about 8 inches long. I would cut about 2 inches of the thread off the greenery and the branch after it was tied on.


The end result adds a fresh look to our home


The wreath is light and elegant 

 The butterfly print that was in our front room was moved to our bedroom with these pieces 

The front room now has a new wall hang along with a beautiful painting my mom did of Mt.Hood 

Would love to hear what your home decor inspiration is. Greens and natural tones are my favorite and I am on the kick of all things white right now. (like everyone else) Sharing this little glimpse of our tiny home has me itching to do a blog post of a before and after of our home remodel! Maybe later this month I will get to that :) 

xo, Kirstyn