City blocks

2015 was a baby boom in my family. 5 babies born with in 3 months of each other. 2 busy boys, 2 chill boys and 1 beautiful baby girl. We are coming up on the first 3 littles turning one! A few months ago troy and I were trying to think up something fun to make for our sons first birthday. You can have all the toys in the world but we wanted something that would last and something he would love... preferably that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Beckett's birthday gifts consisted of a box of diapers and a $5 Ybike we got on cragslist (WIN). I am a gift giver at heart and I love the whole process. Whether its dreaming something up to make or searching for the perfect item to purchase.  These blocks were the perfect keep sake to add. We were missing that piece that held the heart of his gift, and I love that he will have and play with these for years to come.

So with my husbands craftsman skills and my imagination I thought it would be fun to make an individual village for each little. The idea started out way bigger than the final result. (which is fine in my book) I had planed on writing on each block and making the village a perfect fit to their family life. Fire stations, hospitals, chiropractic offices, schools, airports, and wood working companies were all on the list. (I tend to dream big first). However with the tools I had handy it came to be just a bit to much detail for these blocks. So we ended up with a small village for each little and my heart couldn't be happier.


  • scrap wood
  • wood stain
  • paint
  • tape

-I have seen blocks at Michael's, Target and amazon if you want to skip the step of making your block set, and just paint and stain them. The above image was the first step. All blocks were originally light wood.

I sketched out what I wanted the little buildings to look like on a note pad and then made each set the same.

My favorite part of each of these villages is the Mt and trees.

Beckett is loving these sets. Durable, beautiful, promotes imagination and an affordable gift for the littles in your life.

Our hope is for the next few years we will add more things to Beckett's set.

People, More trees, different size buildings and maybe a car or two. :)