Mommy and Becksie days

You: You love to feed yourself and would be happy eating all day long. Dancing is your favorite but only to some good rap music. Your an earlier riser (zzzz 530am) You miss your daddy dearly during the week. You can reach all the things. Any time you reach high looking for something on your tippy toes my heart melts. You recently started standing in the high chair (eek) Walks around the neighborhood are your favorite!  No one makes you smile like your daddy. 

Me: Dreaming up "Our Ramona" and a small hand lettering project. Hoping to do more Me & You moments for 2017. Troy has been in fire academy for a few months now and we are finding a good rhythm. God has showed up in big ways with answers to prayers we have been asking. Heartache and moments of pain don't skip us but God holds us strong and keeps our hearts safe while the details work out. Praying this year hold no more hospital days for us.  Finding the balance for my creative heart and the important task that motherhood holds. Always reflecting, is this worth it in the long run.  

xoxo my boy, Mama