December always feels like new beginnings to me. A month of joy, time spent with loved ones, way to much baking and checking off so many of my favorite traditions.

December 2015 we had a baby... so that pretty much took up all the traditions we could handle. It was filled with lots of unexpected adventures. The first few weeks were much different than we had planned for.. all parents are nodding their heads when they read this..

 I was so excited for this December. I had so many moments planned. I honestly wanted it to look polar opposite than last year. Yes December 2015 was amazing, we had our baby boy. However, truthfully it was painfully hard and I dreamed this year to look different. I simply could not wait for December to get here! I couldn’t wait to re write our moments and month. December came and it was all to similar to the year before. We found ourselves in the hospital the exact days we were there last year. 5 days to long. Kind of crazy but its just how our story played out. Reality of some health issues being on repeat came into play and I spent Beckett's first birthday next to my love and a hospital bed. We made the best of it. Snuggled in with our little man for some lunch before he had the time of his life with Nana for the day.

So as we look towards choosing joy in all the moments, we are so thankful for Gods timing, Thankful for time with each other as a family. Even if its for short moments here and there and plans that have been tossed to the side. December 2016 was simple. more quiet. less planned and the perfect way to embrace a year that will look very similar.

2017.quiet. less planned. simple. 

Photographer credit : Jacki Moore Photography 

Love having these sweet moments of my family. We received these images in November right before December came and we were reminded to go with the flow. .. I love them, Beckett was sick the whole session but it makes my heart happy knowing sick or not sick we had our moments captured.

Exactly where we were.

As I start thinking about 2017 I hope thats what we remember. I hope when next december comes we look back and see all the moments we choose joy. All the moments we found goodness and life in. I hope we see that we embraced the unplanned moments instead of survived them.

This space is to document more of the raw moments since there really isn’t space for a lot of the planned moments this year. I hope when December 2017 arrives I will be getting ready to print these pages out and tuck into the back of our family album for the year. I hope when I read them I see joy, life, and simple un planned moments.