In-between showers

Spring time in Oregon means photoshoots in-between showers. Or even during them. We actually got pretty lucky during this session. Only a tad bit wet and if you ask me it was worth it because those clouds are just dreamy! I love families who are up for embracing what ever weather brings. The sun came out at the end and all around we had a great time by the water. Sweet Olivia turns one in just a few weeks and its been so amazing to capture this families mile stones since their first little one arrive almost 3 years ago. Hope you enjoy this little peak into their family session.. 



Easter Basket for Beckett

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. Matthew 28:6

Easter is just days away and we have been reading the easter story to Beckett multiple times a day. We honestly don't get through the whole book each time. We sit down because Beckett loves turning the pages picking the book up and then moving on to the next thing so really you will find me reading the short story as fast as possible to see how far we can get each time. :) 

Last year I thought a lot about the Easter basket. Maybe a little to much since I wanted to make sure our hearts are focused on the kingdom rather than worldly things. However the traditions of the Easter bunny is something I grew up with so I am trying to mix both of these things to be a bit realistic and to enjoy the holiday and reason all in one. Who doesn't love to Celebrate! 

My goals when it comes to Easter baskets is to minimize the crap while buying things at a good price point or atleast items that can be used again. This can be a very hard task but he's small now so I believe its easier. His basket includes something to wear to church Easter Sunday, a book, wooden toys and for now snacks instead of candy. (Troy is always sad about this part, but apparently he enjoyed bunny grahams before it was even Easter so today I ran back to the store to pick out some snacks that probably won't be stolen ;) )

First off I must tell you about the goodness of Wunderkin Co

Bow ties are my favorite.  Beckett has had about 5 in his first year and although I got them all at sale prices they were still about 5$ and on top of that he would grow out of them so fast. Wunderkin not only makes adorable one of a kind bow ties but they also will grow with him. This one should grow with him to 6-8years old. Huge win! Love this beautiful floral print and will probably use it for family pictures this fall as well! <3 I like the idea of including his new outfit or accessory in his basket. Its a good way to not go over board with a new outfit and then extra goodies in a basket.

I feel like the snacks are self explanatory. These Peter Rabbit Organics were the perfect fit for the little guys basket.


Wood Toys are MY FAVORITE! 

For now this newbie mom is embracing less junk and encouraging more long term toys. Wooden toys make a great addition to his collection and will last a long time. My thought when purchasing these was we could use them for a future toy kitchen. If that never happens then score for me I have $5 dollar wooden eggs for decorating around Easter. 

Target wooden eggs $5 , Egg carton $1

Wooden Bunny - Bitte Shop (purchased last year and using in his basket again this year. because he's one and won't notice if its a new toy or not... ha ha. )

Book - Peter Rabbit $6.93 on  Amazon

Tiny reality check. Since pictures had to be taken while Beckett was up he was at my feet the whole time asking for more snacks and enjoying some gummies and crackers. If your concerned about his face little man is doing amazing. Just had a run in with some pavement yesterday. OUCH it was so sad and we are hoping for no more of those scares for a very long time! 

Lastly. The felt basket to hold it all. This is used each easter tell it gets run down. 

Target $3 

Thats it! The sweet goodness for Beckett's Easter basket this year. Pieces that will last, and a few yummy snacks.

Hope you and your family have a beautiful Easter with loved ones. 

xo, Kirstyn